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Uniter is Latin and means united as one.

“In challenging times a strong connection, a professional and private cohesion, is not only valuable but of utmost importance ”

This is where Uniter comes in as a non-profit association: the result of a merger of active and former members of special units from the federal level, state level, and police. Uniter e.V. today offers a network for people, even outside of these specializations. Members of Uniter e.V. can be found in science, private security, all sectors of the economy, politics and sports.

Through collaboration beyond professions, and the targeted use of swarm intelligence, we create holistic solutions to the most diverse issues. We pool the powers and abilities of our members and create, both professionally and privately, a safe haven for our members, for the common good and for a better society.

Uniter e.V. is always charitable, non-political, and non-partisan in its work. We do not exclude anyone because of their race, religion or political orientation. Discrimination and radical views have no place in Uniter e.V. For us, social cohesion and team spirit come first. That means community standard and standing up for each other, which is also expressed in the motto “United as one.” In order to protect our members, we attach great importance to discretion. Being united as one offers each member not only an extensive network, it offers each individual:

Security for Life, Education, and Development


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We prevent: In fast and dynamic times, we try to provide calm waters

We provide guidance: At some point, every job comes to an end. So what then? We help with orientation in a new market. Whether after your service, after long periods abroad or simply when a change of career is desired

We support in all situations: Our members are numerous and have had similar experiences. In addition, we have insurance and access to insurance experts where required, the possibility to assist with legal and regulatory matters.

We advise on security issues and create security concepts: We maintain good contacts in the security industry, as well as to areas of business and government. We have a lot know-how through a high concentration of specialists and a well-developed network.

We support communication: between each other and the promotion of the exchange of experience at all levels and have developed different platforms for it.

We offer discounts and benefits for our partners: our network of cooperation partners is available to all members from the beginning. Our contribution to the attitude that you always see.

We advise you on professional development: Whether you have a new business idea, whether you want to make a change in the market, or just want to get more involved in your area; we try to bring the right people together to create dialogue

We clarify: A lot of information today is all too quickly misunderstood or not fully interpreted. We want to help ourselves as a community to understand things better. For this, one sometimes has to change their point of view. In the community of an association, this works very well.

We offer roles and tasks within our network: Anyone who has the necessary aptitude can take on volunteer work in the network. Suitability here predominantly means commitment and character. In addition, we look forward to each time we can appreciate the services of our honorary members appropriately. In addition to certificates, we have created many more opportunities for recognition since 2017. Today, this also includes medals and performance badges.

We support you in finding a job: We have set up our own job portal with a far-reaching network. Companies can contact us at any time to place specific job offers in our network

We show solidarity: we connect our members. Our reach extends far beyond the areas of government, military, rescue, and security services. Today, we offer the opportunity of membership to all people who identify with our ideals and goals. True to our constitution, we leave no room for extremism of any kind. Not least because we have introduced a model of different levels of trust.

We offer help and advice: for people in personal crises and emergencies, we offer the possibility for anonymous contact and assistance. For people who are affected by extreme experiences, we have a multitude of experienced members with similar experiences who are keen to help, listen and provide specialized assistance when needed. This is our Uniter Help Forge

We plan and manage social projects: for this there is a separate department which is led with great heart and dedication, and receives full support from all directions. In 2017 we realized many projects within this department. These include donations and collection campaigns for homeless people during the Christmas season, which is distributed by our members personally at the time.  Also included were calls to action for gestures to children who have lost someone in their lives, and in 2017 a plethora of cards and small gifts were delivered to a brave child. Finally, this includes donations in support of family members of fallen or injured comrades at home and abroad.

We educate: through internal seminars and training sessions, we concentrate on a large number of focal points from a wide variety of areas. We have subject matter experts present in order to provide our members with first-hand knowledge. This often happens at our regular district meetings, where we combine the whole event with good food in a pleasant and personal atmosphere, or in separate course dates announced regularly.

We are expanding our network: Every week we gain more members. People and companies from all sectors who identify with us and who, actively or passively, want to face shared challenges for the common good – a better society and a better future. At the end of 2017, 10 new provincial districts are already under development, in preparation, or already in phase. The first structures are being developed and local administrations are assuming initial tasks.

We act in a future-oriented way: today’s Uniter allows completely different quality of concepts that ensures that we can carry out our tasks even more successfully now, and in the future. New structures and new possibilities of communication allow completely new ways of designing processes and realizing projects. Product tests and analysis in real conditions already allow for informative feedback to our partner companies in the network. In the future, the establishment of our Medical Response Unit (MRU) will be busy working towards closing certain gaps in the form of trainings and seminars in our own training center. A separate department for concepts has already laid the foundations for a project that will give us a whole new dimension to the concept of swarm intelligence. An institute with a wide range of skills will be born of our mission, and take on the challenges of unprecedented quality.


United as one

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