Christmas Event 2017

Dear Community,


We’re proud to present you a small summary of our Christmas party!


Our Christmas party took place in festive atmosphere of the magnificent, baroque “Fasanerie” palace in Fulda. In these historically important premises, we could have a look back on the successes of the year and also have a look at future UNITER projects. The old walls of the castle reminded us of the steadfastness, permanence and importance of the values we stand for: humanity, comradeship, security and education.

At the beginning of the evening, there was plenty of time to talk about everyday life’s and current topics while enjoying a romantic campfire on the terrace and having a proper style mulled wine. During the evening, the Executive Board reviewed the milestones in its annual report and honored some members for their tireless, volunteer work for the network. The Executive Board showed its full respect for some members which sometimes work over 80 hours a week in the background as volunteers for the common progress and welfare while working on full-time jobs in businesses or governments. That’s an outstanding achievement.

As one of the biggest highlights, the new UNITER Medical Response Unit (MRU) Dept. introduced us to their abilities, based on real events in 2017. A badly injured shopkeeper in an unsafe location had to be reached and provided with TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) as fast as possible. UNITER can thus fill the gap between the military and the civilian rescue service in cooperation with governmenta