A very special UNITER event: End-of-the-year-celebration at the “Dragon’s Rock”!

A breathtaking setting and a wonderful ambience – in combination with myths and legends, that’s what made this year’s UNITER end-of-the-year-event so very special. On top of the storied “Drachenfels” (Dragon’s Rock), a 321 meters high hill over the Rhine River, 140 members, guests and cooperating partners gathered on the 24 of November 2018 to celebrated the biggest UNITER event so far.

Very much unimpressed by the chilling temperatures and the rather harsh weather the attendants were transported from the bottom of the Drachenfels to the top by the historical Drachenfelsbahn, an impressive electricity driven rack railway. When disembarking the wagon, one was overwhelmed by the beautiful view over the mountainsides, always having Siegfried’s fight against the dragon in mind, who guarded the famous rhinegold treasure, with Siegfried being invulnerable after having bathed in the dragon’s blood.
Two halls were prepared by the restaurant’s staff, giving the event a more than glamourous frame and a perfect setup for what was about to come. A very personal and warm welcome by UNITER’s executive board, was followed by a tasty appetizer, soothing the hungry stomachs. The informative part of the event was provided by a presentation regarding new security technologies, allowing for a faster and better threat assessment. The main issue was how to digitize crime scenes or public places in order to avoid terrorist attacks or to better analyse crime setups.
Taking a look at the main events during 2018, was the next in the series of presentations and speeches, followed by the delicious main dish and a short lecture on the future projects.

Of course, UNITER wanted to cherish the individual dedication of its members. In a very solemn ceremony.

27 distinctions were presented to the members, honouring their achievements, 12 of them in bronze, 2 in silver and 2 in gold, accompanied by even more prominent distinctions of which 2 in bronze were presented to the new cooperative partners Good Guys in Bad Lands and the Green Devils. They were both commentated for their social projects and values they share with UNITER. Additionally, 6 operational medals level 1 were issued to UNITER members who showed their dedication in projects related to public security in cooperation with our partners.
After a couple of promotions within the UNITER ranks, a tombola concluded the official part of the evening. As to be expected from a charitable organisation like UNITER, the proceeds of the tombola will be donated to social projects, following UNITER’s idea to make this world a safer and better place to live in. Our deepest regards and sympathies go to the German Veterans’ Organisation, the cooperating network (which takes care of local Afghan assistants to German Forces), the Green Devils (a Soldiers’ and Veterans’ network), WeroInPega, Ausbildungszentrum Köln, Feldschmiede (providing coins, patches and t-shirts with tactical prints) and especially the Good Guys in Bad Lands who came all the way from Italy to the Dragon’s Rock in Germany just to be with us and to show their solidarity to UNITER.

We also would like to express its appreciation towards the Dragon’s Rock Restaurant staff, to all those busy hands of UNITER members who made the event a successful one and of course all members who attended this very special festivity. They all showed their identification with UNITER’s central values, to provide “Security for Life, Education and Development” worldwide, being