Good manners at UNITER

To make one thing clear: UNITER has no ambitions to enter the tournament sport. Above all, by offering horseback riding or dancing courses, UNITER wants to further qualify the members and thus increase the perception of UNITER as a seal of quality for the security industry.

Particularly in the security industry, these courses impart additional skills to bodyguards, giving them extra and valuable skills with regard to their daily work. At premium conferences or elegant events it is less important to be able to abseil or use a firearm: here, good behaviour, a perfect appearance and personal style are paramount.

Horseback riding, dancing or fencing as well as the obligatory etiquette courses impart the “Old-School’- knowledge on the way to becoming the perfect gentleman. The industry demands quiet professionals with brains, who on top are also able to provide the best representation at a ball or on an invitation to a hunt. Within the UNITER network, the security related core qualifications of the members are therefore supplemented by internal training courses, providing them with „soft skills“.

The novel UNITER “Code of Ethics“ also sets new global standards in the security industry which are primarily based on mutual respect and human values between clients, contractors and employees, who claim to offer respectable and qualified services.

The “UNITER Code of Ethics“ has already become the quality seal of the network partners. It stands for reliability, respect, trust, seriousness and fairness. Companies operating abroad in particular have recognised that it is advantageous to regularly train their own security personnel and to carry out team-building measures. This ensures properly functioning processes even in the most critical situations and that employees know that they can rely on each other.

UNITER sets standards! United in one.