Lazarus Union

Union Corps Saint Lazarus International – CSLI


The Lazarus Union is an independent private charitable organization. Since 2014, they are an accredited NGO with Special Consultative Status with United Nations-ECOSOC in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

This Union’s roots date back to 1973. Today, the Lazarus Union has 20,000 members in more than 90 countries. They help with various projects worldwide, which earned them a number of awards, including a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Mission Statement of the Lazarus Union:

We are an independent private charitable organization in accordance to the ideals and the spirit of St. Lazarus. We are brought together by the mission to bring joy into other people’s’ lives, to provide disaster relief, and to care for and provide help to disabled people and the homeless. We work voluntarily and our members include people from all age groups, professions and social backgrounds.

We have deep respect for everyone. We accept people as they are. We are open to all people, irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, social status or origin.

The quality of the relationships between our members is our primary focus. We have occasions to develop self-esteem and life skills to all our members.

We face the challenge every day of developing missions and tasks. We are united by our team spirit. Our members have the opportunity to evolve in both spiritual and personal fields.

We offer safety and transparency to our friends and supporters for their numerous gifts, both immaterial and material. We are dedicated to a competent, efficient and responsible use of our available resources strictly only according to our statues.

Inspired by our values, we accept every woman and every man in her or his uniqueness. We are guided in everything we do or think by the principles of love for all people, trust, mindfulness, joy, responsibility, courage and the willingness for reconciliation.

The main principles of the CSLI are tolerance, humility, mercy and charity.

Source: Lazarus Union Mission Statement


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