Mission: Christmas season

Christmas – For some the best time of the year… For others the most dangerous time of the year!

UNITER – this is not just the we, but also a life in the awareness that there are many people outside of the network who do not have the same comradely support. These are people who may not even have the opportunity making their desperate cries for help heard. They have no comrades, no network, no strong hand to help and support them. For them, Christmas season is only about one single thing: the survival in the cold.

UNITER has set itself the task of looking – to see, to understand – to help. The lived comradeship, the mutual support and the helping hands of many individuals to help those who can’t help themselves. The stories of these people are marked by blows of fate, calamities, bad luck and other unfortunate circumstances and when you listen to them, you realize that misfortune does not spare anyone. This comes particularly painfully to one’s awareness if one of those need is a comrade – a brother, who actually belongs in our midst – instead of on the streets!


We thought about how we could not only make these people happy during Christmas season, but also how we could effectively supporting them in their day to day struggle for survival:


With warm clothing, protection against the cold (sleeping bags, gloves, caps, etc.),
food (long-life products, sweets, etc.) –
or with financial resources, which enable us to realize this mission in its fullest!


Everything that can be spared, can help!


Our idea is to pack “goodie bags” which, in addition to warm socks, clothing and equipment, will also contain some sweets to make it a little easier to smile in hard times. However, we do not want to donate the collected items and hope that another organization will forward our supplies to those in need. That’s why we will distribute our goodie bags by ourselves! Therefore, we call our members not only to support us with donations of supplies or money, but also to actively support our comrades who will distribute our help on the front line: in the streets!

If you are interested to make a donation – in the form of clothing, equipment, food, sweets, urgently needed financial resources or if you are interested in directly supporting the UNITER mission: Christmas season in the streets, please send an e-mail to: m.zierden@uniter-network.de.


– MISSION:         Helping the needy
– WHERE:             In the entire UNITER area of influence
– WHO:                 All interested members
– WHEN:              22.12.-24.12.2017


(Deadline: Dec 20th 2017)


Let’s show our strength, let us show others that no one is forgotten! Nobody is left behind!

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