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January | 2018



Dear members,

Today we want to give you the opportunity to go on a tour, together with a UNITER member. The North Cape has been the northernmost point in Europe since it was connected to the road’s network via today’s European Route 69 in 1956, which can be reached on roads from Europe’s mainland.

This tour not only requires leaving one’s comfort zone completely, but also requires a high amount of endurance, preparation and the will to reach the destination. Long car rides and the increasing cold of this season will be your constant companions in this way and should not be underestimated! Nevertheless, this tour is clearly about comradeship and the community. Being together, having a common goal that leads over a very long way. We at UNITER call this:

“Connected into one”

Be a part of this unforgettable tour, with the fascination to rediscover yourself and to witness an incredible natural spectacle: the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Here it becomes clear:

– the journey is the reward –

We will promptly provide further information as well as the approximate route!

For more information and if you are interested in joining the tour, mail to:

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