UNITER Network and Good Guys in Bad Lands from Italy are now cooperation partners

It started in 2012 on Facebook. Although – actually the starting point for the “Good Guys in Bad Lands” is in Balamorghab, Afganistan. There the founder of the Good Guys lost one comrade in the fight against terrorists, another was seriously injured. Even then, it was clear to the founder that we had to stand by the soldiers and their families and help them.

Facebook seemed to be the right platform to commemorate soldiers who have fallen or missed, to reach a wider audience, and to showcase the commitment to peace and freedom, mostly in distant countries. From Italy, the Facebook page of the Good Guys quickly gained international fame, not least due to the interesting photo series, videos and reports from all over the world.

Today the Good Guys in Bad Lands can also be reached via a website, run a well-assorted internet shop with unusual designs, helpful tools and indispensable equipment. In addition, products and vouchers donated by partner companies are auctioned on Ebay. The proceeds from the shop benefit international projects.
The Good Guys are now associated with other military and police-related associations and clubs worldwide. A network of and for comrades who stand up for each other. And Good Guys can be found at shooting competitions, charity events, training courses and trade fairs around the world.

So it’s not surprising that the UNITER Network and the Good Guys in Bad Lands have come together. At a further training course in Poland, in which both Good Guys and UNITER took part, it was quickly agreed: the chemistry is right – we belong together. And of course a first visit is already certain: the Good Guys are coming to the UNITER annual event 2018!

UNITER Network and Good Guys in Bad Lands – cooperation partners, comrades and friends. To a good cooperation in the sense of our motto: UNITED IN ONE