UNITER’s New Year

Now it’s official: The German Government replied at a parliamentary group’s request for information with regard to UNITER. This reply is of utmost importance for UNITER, because some of the media coverage so far was not based on facts but on assumptions and accusations. The official governmental answer now clearly separates fake from facts. These are the key points:

Point #1
The German Government describes the so called “Preppers” and differentiates between those who follow governmental advice on civil protection and disaster control which is absolutely harmless. They are law abiding citizens, just trying to be prepared for incidents which are more or less likely to happen. But there may also be others, trying to destabilize the country or to commit attacks and who are not in line with the laws and the constitution.
The Government stated that some UNITER members who may be accounted to the group of Preppers, but there is no proven evidence of a connection between UNITER as an organisation and the prepper movement.

Point #2
The Federal Public Prosecutor General in Germany stated that there is no indication or evidence that UNITER members committed unlawful actions or that UNITER itself did anything alike.

Point #3
With regard to the German Federal Armed Forces Officer Franco A, who pretended to be an asylum seeking refugee and was accused of preparing actions against political representatives it was said that there is no connection between him or members of the so called “Gruppe Nord” and UNITER. This is even more important in the light of media reports trying to build a terrorist “Shadow-Army” from a predicated connection between UNITER and other groups or individuals.

Over several weeks certain media cooked up stories and tried to find public attention by promoting these fake news via different channels, hoping that allegations, brought forward over and over again, would finally be taken as facts. Well, fortunately this failed even though countering these attacks meant a lot of work for the voluntary and charitable working UNITER staff. Additionally requests were sent to UNITER by the media asking for statements on very short notice which were also processed by the staff in a very calm and professional way, in their spare time and during the holidays. The governmental statement now is more than helpful and satisfactory as it clearly underlines what UNITER has always responded to the allegations and thus supports our line of argument.

We are very sure that every future request and every media coverage will now contribute to a more realistic picture of UNITER’s reputation, based on facts and clearly showing that our association is a non-political network, in which every member identifies himself or herself with democracy, freedom, the rule of law and all other values which our modern societies are based on. UNITER’s statutes, the German Federal Constitution and the Charta of the United Nations are the fundament for the non-profit and charitable work of UNITER. To ensure this, UNITER will continue to cooperate with any government agency as well as the media, as we have nothing to hide.

In 2019 UNITER is looking forward to conducting more events, courses and training than ever before. Security for Life, Education and Development does not come for free. It needs motivated people who unselfishly invest time and money in order to make this world a better place. We are very happy to have these members and to acquire even more people who see the relevance of a network and who are willing to contribute to our important work.

We are UNITER: United in One!