Visiting Friends

Last weekend, some forty members of UNITER e.V. took part in a traditional annual charity event with about 200 invited guests. Amongst numerous partners and NGOs, the network expanded on this occasion by a further UNITER honorary member: Mr. Moshe Buller, CEO of the International Investigation Agency (IIA) and Head of the R.A.I.N Intelligence ISC Operational Unit from Israel.

An honorary UNITER membership was awarded to national and international outstanding personalities from relevant areas of politics, business and public authorities. They all identify themselves with UNITER’s values as a network for the security of life, education and development. With the honorary membership of Mr. Moshe Buller, the already existing intensive friendly connections to Israel have further been expanded.

The International Investigation Agency offers worldwide investigative support and service for institutions, companies and individuals in the classical field as well as in cyber space, military and homeland security. Through further widening its networking UNITER e.V. expands its capabilities in the international sector. The main purpose of the get-together was to deepen mutual friendship and exchange ideas for future common projects.

This year, further local appointments are planned as well as intensive support for the establishment of independent UNITER districts. The expansion of UNITER’s presence in Israel shows once again that the problems, interests and goals of the security industry and community are largely identical in general, regardless of religion or origin.

The representatives of UNITER e.V. have been very pleased to see that by this it is possible to work hand in hand with the various authorities in Israel from the very beginning, thus avoiding misunderstandings about UNITER’s objectives and activities at an early stage, like they were recently alleged by the German media. Especially in Israel and Southeast Asia, UNITER is perceived by the established actors as a recognized charity organization that serves its members and, above all, society.

UNITER – connected in one.